November 18th, 2000


hey all..guess who's in NYC? I'm staying with my friend will, wwwaaayyy up in 187th st. Its freeze ass cold up here! I must say, I have gotten used to the southern weather.
My little vacation is doing me well. I arrived on the 15th, and stayed over night at a Hampton Inn in White River Junction, VT. The next day was spent at Tuck School of Business, at Dartmouth, checking out the program. I must say that between the excellent program, and the beautiful location, I will be heartily disappointed if I don't make it in!
I then drove the 3 1/2 hours (should have been 5, but I was doing 80-85 the whole way :) ) back down to NYC. Ive been hopping around the city visiting friends. And guess who's here? Ana Voog! If I can get a hold of Terri S, we're all going to go out tonight. Lisa and Ana hit the city! Better watch out! :)
Tomorrow I have to take a 7 am Penn Station train to the Islip airport and fly down to Florida. Mmm, warm sunny beaches. I'm hoping I can jump back online down there and ramble an update.
Alright. I need a shower and then me and my Will are going SHOPPING! (the credit card shivers)
I love you all, and I'll be back soon! :)