November 23rd, 2000

Back from travels...

Hey all! Im back :)
It's been a GREAT week, but I do have to admit, I am happy to be home again. Being away made me realize a couple things. For one, this house really feels like home now. I've been away and craved the familiarity of my own bed. I appreciate my little place now. For seconds, I didn't realize how much I missed Jeramy. Ouch. I thought I would test myself and if I felt relieved, then I would know something was wrong. However, I missed him so much, it hurt. There's nothing like coming home to your baby's arms, you know?

I cant remember what I wrote in my last entry...I was in NYC; I know that. In any case, I saw this GREAT off broadway play called "Tabletop" It's a comedy about tabletop advertising. If you are anywhere in the area, look it up and go see it. It's TOTALLY worth it. I have the cover of the playbill and i'll try to scan it in for those interested.

I was a little bummed with my phone. for some reason, dumb ass sprint PCS doesnt record messages in a very timely manner...I got a call from Terri S, Stacey and Anna Voog to come hang out and I didnt get it until the next morning! I havent seen terri or ana FOREVER..and I wanted to meet stacey (sp?) grrr. My apologies to you girls, if you are reading this. Hope you all had fun.

After NYC, I bee-lined it for Florida. Did lots of shopping with my aunt, and stared at my cousins. They have grown soooo much! Kyle is a sophomore in HS..and I remember when he was 4, or something. Sean is in college. I think he a little more well behaved than I. Thats proly ok :) My uncle kevin is as feisty as ever. Grandma is moved into a retirement home with her sister. They gave me the tour, and I was happy to see how comfortable the place was. Im scared of getting old...

ok, i gotta run to the spur station for kleenex. I brought home a cold and Jeramy is happy to spend thanksgiving in semi-misery. check ya later..

later that day..

we went to Spur and purchased some TP and kleenex. We also passed by the hollywood video and rented Toy Story and the first Indiana Jones movie for after dinner entertainment. I cant believe those poor movie guys dont get the day off! The place is open until 10 pm. That sucks. I guess Thanksgiving isnt such a big deal for some people, but I really enjoy these warm holidays with family and friends. id be unhappy working today.

So, Jeramy's ham is looking beautiful. I mean, I dont like to eat ham, but it looks nice with the cloves, cherries and pineapple toothpicked into the crust. :) Unfortunately, I grossed myself out when I changed the trash. I went to grab a new bag and discovered rat shit and fur smeared all over the folded plastic. (BARF!!!) I think its time for rat poison. There are droppings all along one set of kitchen cabinets and under the sink. I dont want to catch the hanta virus!

Ok, Jeramy and I are learning all about grilling, so i need to dash off to a website to figure out how to start the coals without using any more lighter fluid.