December 4th, 2000

morning in LA

I was walking home from the trolley stop and the postman called me over and asked me out.

He was sitting in his mail truck as I passed by and he yelled out "Aren't you going to say hello?"

I made up some answer, cause I saw him there, but I was concentrating on other random live generalness. In any case, he started talking and I told him about Jeramy and school. I mean, he's been delivering our mail all summer. You trust the mailman, you know? In any case, towards the end of our conversation, he says "Well, if you didnt have a boyfriend, I'd ask you out. No actually, Im asking you out." I turned him down, of course. I kept repeating that i was a loyal girl. He keep stressing that I wouldnt have to tell Jeramy, and that he'd very much like to sleep with me, but it was ok, if we just hung out and talked. After a few minutes of this, I came up with a lame excuse to leave (which i cant remember) and he scoffed at me and told me that that was a lame excuse.

Today was his last day on our mail route,and I told him if he ever did the route again, Id say hello.
We said goodbye, and I paused for a second to enjoy the humor in all of this, and he says" you look like you were about to kiss me.." I laughed and walked off.