December 11th, 2000

life with a kitten

I took the kitten to the vet. he was overrun with fleas and the ear mites were sooo disgusting. we got the first round of shots too. i have to take him back in a month pricks. yay!

yeah, i dont know about this cat. ill take good care of him, but its more and more apparent every minute that im just not a cat person. Luckily, Jeramy is, so all will be well. didnt seem like it last night though. That brat Ifrit (yes, the FF8 GF) kept us up allll night until we finally had to put him in the bathroom at 6 am. jeramy and i were soo tired when we finally had to get up at 10 this morning. we decided that the bathroom would be kitty's sleeping place. he just wants to play all the time. its cool, but not when you are trying to sleep and hes playing scratching post with your foot!

so, yeah, im just looking for a job and trying to balance life with a kitten on top of everything else. where do i get the inspiration?