December 28th, 2000

the second day...

Hey Hey!
Guess who found a place in Brooklyn!! Thats right!
Good ole lisa should be moved up to New York by mid january :0
a two bedroom apt. spacious with a rad little archway/room dividing the front kitchen from the back bedroom. stucco-ish walls with a brand new kitchen/ floors and bathroom. furnished with a fridge...
the only problem is, i wont have a computer
no easy access to email
lack of journal postings
no camera
and a hard time finding a job. so, for the next week, ill be sweating it up here trying to find employment before my computer opportunities go away. im begging the parents for an ibook for christmas. proly wont happen, but we can hope!!

at this moment, im on the atomcam, eating some burned vegi bacon i found in stacy's freezer. ill have to go find somemore when i get out. right now, i need to focus on resumes. im so happy stacy has a DSL connection!!

no more here and now!!

"You do have a nice ass Lisa, can you show more of it and maybe wear some sort of light tops where we can see your nipples..........."

says the newest here and now emailer

ugha! im not even on camera there anymore..
its so strange that after i stopped being on cam, i started getting a ton of these sending porn and lude comments. i mean, i stopped replying, but i check it for job stuff. goes to show the clientel erik is attracting now. im so happy i dont have to deal with it directly. when i get back to the house, ill be ripping my address from the site. no more sick people yay!!!
of course, for all you sane ones,
feel free to email me at

love love


no more computers!
im going to have dinner with terri in about an hour and a half. I missed her last time I was in new york, so this will be nice. im absolutely starving. ive had dried cherries, vegi bacon, and some oj i bought yesterday. cant say its too healthy. but im looking forward to this yummy italian dinner you see, and that keeps me going! :)

i applied to 2 jobs. thats all I can do at this point. in a way it's nice. No footwork.

BTW: how does one find a job without computers?