December 29th, 2000


stayed up until 3:30 AM!!
we all know how unusual that is for the lisa
im getting so involved in these cover letters that im forgetting to sleep.

thank you terri for a wonderful dinner. She and her boy took me out to Queen, this yummy italian place a little ways away from me. made up for a whole day of starvation. i had this delicious clam sauce penne. mmmm. and for the first time, i enjoyed peppers! for the appetizer, we had mozzarella with roasted peppers. you know how peppers are usually..well, peppery? this was a yellow pepper, marinated in sweetness. it was almost fruit-like in flavor! crazy. I'll have to go there again, sometime.

took some vitamins. took a hot shower.
send out 2 more resumes.

time to sleep. you know where ill be tomorrow:
right here in front of this infernal machine
(unless i get an interview call!!!)
nighty night kids!!