December 30th, 2000


ok, finally in the Christmas spirit!
its snowing and santa should be on his way!! except hes not cause he came last week. oh well...
im wondering if the car services are still running today. i thought i might wait until later in the afternoon when maybe the snow plows had a chance to get out. i have to go over to terri's apt later and walking 20 minutes in the slippery snow with heavy luggage in a far off neighborhood is not my idea of fun. then again,this is the first snow, so perhaps it's a little more enjoyable that the rest of the snow that will clog our winter arteries until march.
the cat is on crack. like mega crack. does anyone know where this phenomena plays in with wild cat life? is this like the play time when no calmess shall infiltrate into the crevices of the cat brain, to nourish a sudden sleep? ack! there she goes donw the hall. go child,chase your shadows.

maybe i should head over to terri's sooner than later...dont want to get stuck

server space?

does anyone have any server space that i can upload pictures to when i get back to NO?
i have so many memories on the HN server, and i am going to be depressed if they all get deleted forever when i leave...


!!!news from the cabbage!!!

i had a spark of inspiration for my next website!!
its going to take a while to get started, since i wont have much access to technology, but perhaps with a little help from my friends, ill be able to get moving on it soon. My idea might not be all too original, but i think i can carry it out in an entertaining way. first things first..
i have a a few domain names. and one to be decided new years eve..long story.
does anyone out there host websites? or at least know of a good hosting service that wont cost me my apartment? you'd think i would have known more about this sort of thing, but i dont...
im going to do some research. if anyone has some bright ideas, email me aat, or leave me a message here.

being snowed in gets the juices flowing!
must obtain hosting service
digital camera
cams? maybe/maybe not


been in hold with bellsouth forever. whats really astonishing is how terrible the fabulous mozart clarinet concerto sounds when performed by flute accompanied by electronic strings!!

its hard to type. the heat broke and the hot water quit. im wearing 3 shirts and a blanket. its 50 degrees in here. my fingers are like little icicles.

page maker

which program is the best for web page creation

which is the most intuitive..
which is the most powerful.