December 31st, 2000

in limbo

too cold to sleep. too tired to think.
what a great place to be at 5 am on a sunday. the crossroads of a hell frozen over. as soon as it gets light, im going to trek my 5 minutes to the subway...and then trek another 20 minutes after the stop to head over to terris. no cam there and no fast and easy internet connection, but there should be heat and hot water. i cant tell if the heat has come on or not. the radiators seem cold, an the thermometer still says 52 degrees. im so chilled, i dont think a 72 degree room would feel warm. my nose is chilly.
i could really use a nice hot bath right now. aaahhhhhh.....
sleepy. cold.


I've moved over to terri's in carroll gardens. What a beautiful neighborhood and apartment!
The only drawback was I had to trude almost hald an hour through the snow. I guess it takes at least 15 mminutes, normally, but with the HUGE snowbanks, ice, and 40 lbs of luggage, it took me a bit longer. Since I was up until 10 AM this morning, I crashed out and the alarm woke me up at 4:20. Im still soo exhaused, but im due over at Mario's place at 6pm with bells on.
I gotta run. The apple loan deal runs out tonight. Must sell soul before new years at Marios. I wish everyone an exhuberant and safe New Year celebration!
see you in 2001!

oh and BTW: the cam that ill be on tomorrow is located at
check out her site! :
you'll notice, if you scroll down on the main page, you'll see my name on the left, along with the other most influential camladies. check out terris badass project! :)