January 1st, 2001


Goodmorning all ye hungover personas:

You MUST tell me all about the chaos of last night? Why you ask? Because I did not do a damn thing!! I was supposed to hang out with Mario, and I paged him, but he never got back with me. In the mean time I did some planning for the future and passed out. Whoops.
So, its proly for the better. Condsidering I didnt sleep the night before, and only got in 5 hours during the day... It was proly for a reason, you know? maybe i would have gotten terminally ill from being out all night with an already weakened immune system and plue the alki and all the people with all their germs..
whatever. i got a call from jeramy at midnight and we shared a phone kiss. i could use some phone sex..but I guess thats sort of hard when one person is in a nice warm apt on a private cell phone and the other in on a street corner payphone in 40 degree weather. ha!
yes, its supposed to sleet today in New Orleans. What is up with this cooky weather!? Im on terri cam today...
*** http://www.echonyc.com/%7Ejanedoe/webcam/Terricam.html
it might have to go off if the internet gets too sluggish... (she has a 56k connection..so between the slowness of that and the FTP of the cam...)
but for now, you can come visit me.
got an apple loan last night (with deferred payments until MARCH!!) (/me rubs hands together with glee) im going to wait to see what the parental units say about buying me a mac..and then ill start doing some financial damage.

oh and one last thing...if anyone would like a REALLY sparkly deal on Adobe Web Collection 3.0...
I bought it off of ebay last night..and failed to notice it was for WINDOWS!!! :(. so, ill sell it to you for 400$ (999.00 at Adobe)
let me know...cheerio
and drink plenty of water :)

back to warmth

Oooo!! its freezing out! Good thing I have some "Neoguri Seafood and Spicy Udon Soup!"
I just returned from what was to be an apartment checkup..but i couldnt even get in through the front door. Good to know when I actually come back with all my stuff!! I called the landlord and tried to explain to him that I will call him a day before we arrive so that he can make sure we can get in...not sure if he understood.

looks like im living in the semi-ghetto. guess ill know better on the next hunt. im not IN the ghetto, but near it. also near pratt. all depend on which direction I walk in. and WALK is the word. I managed to pick the exact spot that is far in any direction any subway. mmm, busses...
i hate busses. oh well.