January 4th, 2001

So Tired...

Beating the street..ah yeah..
Woke up at 6:30 AM. quick breakfast, email check, shower...researched moving companies (uhaul..penske..etc) applied at essex temporary staffing. they fixed me up with 4 job ops. I chose to interview for 3. Had first interview with an Italian leather furniture importer in soho. little trendy place. not sure if thats what i want to do, i mean a receptionist at a furniture wholesaler isnt exactly resume building..
however, the interview went well, and we'll see what happens. Waitiing to hear back from a small investment banking firm and the "pro-choice republicans"

interview at 9:30 am for Results Staffing.they specialize in financial executing/administrative asistants.

not very coherant..must go print off more resumes...