January 5th, 2001

life in the snow

ok, its all about mega snowing outside. i sorta
back at atomcam.com ...

wanna go out and romp, but i feel like if i do that, i night get lost in the glory of winter and not actually want to come back to life

TFL ("the project") concept is sorta coming together...ive been working on a website layout and ill proly take the opportunity of stacys nice g4 to do some graphic design. im so excited to get this rolling. i wish i had 5k and a computer to start it right now. oh well. im going to wait to order my mac until i get back to NO. That way, i know that someone will be around when it get here..
altough, i dont know how long they take to shops so maybe i should order it now... (rubs hands together)
im going to set up a crummy little site to sorta keep you all informed on what is going on. tis in the works

i have quite a few job leads. interviews a flurry. like the snow outside.

late entry for a while..

this is my last entry for a bit. stacy will need her computer back tomorrow..and i will be packin for somewhere..not sure.

im tired. i just had a huge fight with my mom
the comment "i dont trust you and i havent seen any change in your level of responsibilty for 6 years.." kinda set me off.

this while attempting to move to NYC, find a job, and get settled. thanks mom. i appreciate the support. im so depressed. im going to bed.

hope to write again next thursday :)
have a good week!