January 8th, 2001

at kinkos

geez! this machine is like 30 cents a minute!
ive been on it a while researching Lazard. I have an interview with them on wednesday. nervous..
im really hoping to have a job before wednesday. it would make me feel so good to go to work on monday with i got back...

creed's "can you take me higher" plays on the muzak box...

so, yeah, im just sorta interviewing and staying at marios in uptown manahattan. its like mario, nad 2 roomies, with 2 other homeless people. everyone is stressed cause the lease runs out at the end of jan. noone is cleaning cause they are leaving. its smoky and ashy and dirty..
but at least its not the floor of a cold apt. and i love mario, so its all good:)

i just hope i dont get sick (excessive smoke will do that to me)
ok, im off