January 19th, 2001

On and on

So, after a decent interview at Kirshenbaum & Bond yesterday, I find out I dont hear on the decision until Tuesday. I swear, im going to starve to death before I hear from anyone!! the good news is, I have 3 other leads, so i just need to keep interviewing. Ill find something.
My staffing people are a rip. Tom and Kevin are their names, from Results Staffing. I whole-heartedly recommend them if you move ot NYC and are looking for employment. In any case, the K&B interview lasted 3 hours, so I called Tom on his cell, as requested. He was TOTALLY drunk and started telling me about this movie he was watching on cable. The we called Kevin for an after-hours conference call. Kevin was playing pool as we discussed the interview. I dont know...you had to be there, but imagine your placement people being all silly and drunk at 8pm talking about this job you'be just interviewed for.
In any case, we hang up and 5 minutes later, TOm calls me back. The first thing he says is "Dont judge me" then "Call me tomorrow morning...we'll call the and find out whats up.. Im drunk. You are the first client ive called drunk in 4 years. " ..... Is that an honor??

I also checked out the Tuck School of Business site and i see that admissions results are supposed to be available today. I dont see a place on the site where new candidates are announced, so after I finish this, im going to check my here and now email, which is the address I gave them. Fingers crossed??!!!

Jeramy is sick. I think that all the stress has caught up to him...and the cold and rain. He's at home resting. I hope i dont get my cold back from him. I have to keep moving. No time for afternoon naps now! Well, happy weekend. Nothing to be done cept have some fun, frugally, of course :)