January 23rd, 2001

Monday again

Well, I got turned down by K&B, for the reason "She's too stong, and rather overqualified. We love her, but we don't think she would be happy in this job"
Grrr....I NEED a job...im going to have to take anything I can get now. What do i need to do..act dumb? I have an interview today at a legal firm, two on thursday, and yet another on friday. you'd think someone would like me!!

Jeramy is working on getting an email address and I am going to research some companies. My computer is really slow today. This fact does not put me in the best of moods.


Thank you for the hundreds of fan mails to my account! Im doing my best to get back to all of you between job interveiws and stuff. Please keep in mind that i do not have a computer and only get about an hour a day to come over to the internet cafe to try and keep up.
please be patient :)