January 26th, 2001


Ok, i just dont know if i can be an admin...
I had my first interview of the day at Lazard. and it went pretty well, except that i spent most of the time trying to convince the bankers I would be working for that I wasn't over-qualified. I am just too strong for these jobs..and yet when I try for a real job, it seems like Im not qualified enough. In any case, Im going to go to this "pink slip" party next wednesday at the ReBar and see if I cant make some connections. I'll keep looking on hotjobs. Perhaps I just need to temp to pay the bills and keep looking...The more I get into this, the less I see myself as an admin. On one had its 9 to 5..and I'll havetime for the project, which is why I will really be existing anyways, but on the other hand, im not sure putting admin on my resume will look good. if i can get the project going, then, ill be able to put that on instead..

the interview at spark yesterday went well. she seemed impressed but also mentioned they had a number of applicants and that the hiring process would take a few weeks.

i have another interview in half an hour (speaking of which, I should find a subway) for a PA to a vice president at an advertising firm. Sigh.

Yeah, maybe I should just temp for a while to pay the bills.