January 31st, 2001

still no job...

like it says, im still unemployed. overqualified everywhere. im trying a different placement agency.

at kinkos. i have no paper money or coin money left, except pennies. im using a credit card, at kinkos. and i really need that for food. i am hoping to borrow friends' computers to send out resumes...but livejournal entries will probably be sparse for a while. i just wanted to let you know that, and not think i ditched it.

so wish me luck, and when i have some money, or find a free computer, ill give you a better update.

-uncle visiting apartment next week
-jeramy trying to find store management positions
-project ideas coming together
-fried corn tortillas with thai hot sauce are yummy

-we beat resident evil 3 last night, on easy mode..hard mode saved for tonight

im not through with this city yet!!