February 9th, 2001


And here I thought all was almost lost..and I get a call from my dear friend Hal at Essex staffing. Although I was initially turned down for an office manager position at this visual arts studio, the girl who won the job offer refused it, so it fell on down the ranks to little ole me. the sucky part of it is that i have this "temp-to-perm" thing, when I only get half my salary and no benfits for 65 business days (that 3 months!!). the good thing is that I can leave without creating too much of a rustle, if I find something else.
Im hot on the tail of this research position with this online data consulting firm..so, who knows, i might do that...but I'd rather have a job for sure than walk the wire.

In the mean time, J and I are going to see Jeneane Garoffolo (how do you spell her name?) with Ulysses, at Caroline's. We are stoked. It'll be out firsst outing in a while, and with me working on monday, it'll be quite the celebration. :)

Im looking to start buying equipment for my project at the end of the month..and if all goes well, should have a little hello/ under construction sign coming soon on a website near you. :)

Meanwhile, the weather warms up. its was 56 degrees today in the York. Im here in my wool sweater, undershirt and heavy wool coat.
I need new clothes. I need to pay off my credit cards. I need a free sushi dinner.
But, mostly im happy to be in NYC, especialyl now when the future looks a little brighter!