February 12th, 2001


its monday again, except now the world seems a little warmer in this cold place called New York.
At my new job...im just waiting to make all the worst mistakes today and get them out of the way.

more to come as it comes...

3:30 pm

at the office. i havent had a lunch break yet. its not that its busy...but its just that im alone here. my bosses are creatives who are setting up a party today... so im sorta here waiting for the phone to ring, basically. id like to do something to show that i havent been just sitting here surfing the internet, but im not sure what to do, being the first day and all.
so, yes, on one hand, im a little bored, but on the other, the missed lunch break pays for todays taxes, huh? I could use something to drink. i think that they wouldn care if i left for a second, but 1: i dont have the key to the main building door. 2. noone is here, so if Frank or Charles (my bosses) come back and find me missing..well, that just doesnt look too good.

been marinating on the project a bit more. if only i could get my paws on a digital camera!!
then at least i could take pictures, and with wottys help, i could post them on one of my websites. at least that would be something!!

ok, im still on hold. interliant sucks ass..
this little "we will answer you call in momnet message" thats being played over and over is driving me crazy. grr. :)

what can i say, im a happy girl! i hope j's interview went ok. did i mention that already somewhere? well, yes, he has an interview for store manager at the Discovery Store in Rockafellar Center. I love thosse stores. they have all this zen junk and nature and space stuff...well, you know, its the Discovery Store!
I called him a moment ago, but i got the machine, so who knows. He also has an interview with the Bombay company in Thursday. If I pull some overtime, then I can pull of the rent about 5 days late...but if he can get a week or two in, we'll be saved.

still cold as a witch;s tit outside. i think I missed Christmas. It needs to happen again.