February 20th, 2001

jellybeans and bar mitzvahs

ah, a candy diet...if you eat enough sugar, you begin to feel sick and lose your appetite for anything else. this is my strategy to save money so i can afford to pay my bills and rent, in case jeramy's job deosnt come through. luckily, though i was saved from a tooth rotting experience by the construction guy, who bought me a delicious provolone sandwich on a bagel with lettuce and tomato. oh yeah, and a half a sprite. yum.

i am still eating jelly beans though. i like the pink ones..they sort of remind me of how Mr. Bubble smells. I used to get Mr Bubble baths when I was a munchkin, and make bubble beards, and pretend to shave them off, after i had my fill of being santa claus. oh yes.

i have been goofing off for the last half hour of my day, since the bosses are in a client meeting with a 12 year old boy who is going to have a 20k party thrown for him. sometimes i wish i was jewish. mostly, i dont though.

its about that time to head home. i was going to stay late today to work on illustrator, like i did last night, but im pretty tired. i dont know what im going to do at home, though, besides watch TV. maybe go to bed earlier so i can put in a few hors tomorrow after work. they have final cut pro here too, so ill proly be a whiz at that by the end of this.

i may not get salary bonuses and recognition, but i do get access to expensive software, that i can also copy onto my own computer.

soon, the cats balls will be chopped.

frank is telling his kid, who is in the office cause of spring break to shut off the playstation..
i happen to know the distress, because i remember being in the same position on FF8 as he is. its a hard place to stop. speaking of ff8, i still need to kick the sorceresses ass. maybe ill do that tonight,. J has been playing civilization all day, and promised to do the dishes before i got home (there were no clean dishes this morning, and i am simply not going to clean at 7 am before work when my other half is home all day)

(i need to STOP eating these little jelly beans. cant i get mad cow disease from them??)

alright, its time to go home and face the darkness. kiss