February 21st, 2001

Another day in paradise

There's a guy who does our printing..you know,m invitations, banners, signage, etc.
His name is Phil Paradise. He's exactly that guy you notice walk in the room and finally figure out a way to have a conversation with (because he's all styling and sexy) and after three words from his mouth, run for cover. yup.
thats phil paradise...wheelin dealin printing machine...
all the pimp actions and sleaze with just enough flakiness to not make you feel too undressed in your clothing.

anyway, since register.com sent me all my account info on the email address that was lost by yahoo, i have to huntthem down and get all that back before i can set things up with wotty. life is a video game. i swear. sometimes i realize that when i play an RPG. I think "why am i dealin with this little green man's quest of finding the lost orb of tutti-frutti? man, i have enough trouble on the quest for the lost client folder... :) "

I havent eaten all day. i think my weight loss gains..(opposite, but you know us women, loss is a gain) are here to stay. oh wait, i did a few jelly beans. I told j to get the pasta cooking, so it would be ready for me when i got home. im all stoked about not having to cook for one.

on a scarier note, J got the call from Bombay about the job. They did a background check and found that someone else was using his SS#!!
Yes, its true. They were asking about his "other" name as Marrio Caldwell, and his life in California. Isnt that scary?? So, I guess they have to clear this up before he can have the job. Looks like im going to have to sell a clarinet to pay the rent. Sad, but at least its the A clarinet and not the one ive had since 7th grade. I CANT sell that. I think id sell my body before I sold that. I have CD's to sell too, so all is not lost, yet.

Im in a good mood, all things considered.
I'm off to see the wizard..