February 24th, 2001

happy weekend!

The snow from Thursday's storm has cleared, and although it is cold and cloudy, it could be worse outside. Im at my favorite internet cafe. I woke up early this mornning to take my clarinets to the music store to see how much they would give me. They were very anxious to buy the Bb, but not my Clarinet in A. They were indicating they would only pay 400$ or less for this 3000$ instrument. As you can tell, that would be a rip, considering nt only the material value, but the sentimental value of this musical instrument into which i invested so many years of my life.
So, I posted it up on ebay:

i hope that someone will be in the market for this very special and well taken care of clarinet.
If not, we are pretty screwed. Jeramy still does not have a job. He got a call yesterday from Crate and Barrel for an interview. He's also supposed to hear back from Bombay today. The problem is that rent is due on the 7th. There is no way that I can mak the rent on my meager paycheck, even if I saved every penny. Not only do I not have access to my money until after 4 business days (rules of my bank), but I was informed yesterday by my boss that i am not allowed to have over time. So, at 12$/hr, (9$ after taxes) for 40 hours a week..thats 360..
and with rent at 135-/ mo. well, you do the math..its not happening without selling a piece of my life.
Looks like im still on the job search, as my real salary wont kick in until the end of may.

Life is fierce.

However, I am stil in good spirits. Stressed, but ok. Jeramy wants to go back to Rockafellar Center today to watch the ice skaters. Sorta a fun free thing to do.

See you on Monday!