March 9th, 2001

Back on the web!!!

Thats right!
LisaGoddess is back on the web at

this will be the temporary home of the Lisa for a little while. So, check out he pictures in bad resolution, and the ugly color and the spazzed out huge typing that doesnt fit onto your screen.

the site will change VERY often, so check it often, since i wont be keeping archives until i think its worth keeping archives.
keep in mind, i took about 30 minutes to do the site, and it WILL get more interesting as the days pass.

in the meantime, its friday. Jeramy has to work at 9 am tomorrow, so we wont be going out. I want to, but i know he's going to be upset if i go out without him. I know i should be able to go out, even if he cant, but he gets so upset when i do that...

I have much to get through at work, so i need to go. One of these days, ill get my journal on my site..