March 13th, 2001

Rainy Tuesday

Sorry for the lack of posts. It is increasingly difficult for me to put up a quality message, due to the fact that my boss is annoyed with me being online all the time. The thing is, I forget to log off of AOL. Its not that I'm checking email, but im so used to my exclusive fast connection that i forget that other people share the same line. Thus, when Frank says..lisa are you online? and I have to answer yes, cause he cant get on, i feel all dumb. I came in early today so i could actually type up a message.

New site updates at
Yes, I know the gallery link doesnt work, but it will shortly. I'm just going to link up that old page i had to it so i has something to link to.
Obviously, there's more space, but id rather not have a dead link on the site, so when the catagories are finished, ill put them up.
For now, enjoy the mannequins :)

oh yes, and for all those who forgot..
my email address is
feel free to drop me a line anytime.
let your buddies know im back on the web. i know a lot of people wanted to stay in touch and there was no way in the 2 days that i finally had to pack and move that i could email everyone and let them know where i was.

Thank you to Morris again for helping my livejournal account become a real one. I plan on playing with it soon, but with my online time being cut, and my "after work" playtime also being shortened to an hour, theres only so much I can do. So, keep checking back for the little updates. (/me waits patiently for her own computer...)

So how are you all taking the bankruptcy news? I just heard yesterday. It was a long time coming, I will admit. Feel free to post your thoughts. This is a free forum.