March 14th, 2001


ive been receivng alot of "welcome back" emails. i apologize for not answering them. im going to try and stay a little later tonight to say a nie howdy to all those who have been so supportive, but i cant make promises, with this huge event coming up on the 17th...
but yeah, i wanted to give everyone a huge thank you, and let you know that i have been recieving them and reading them and they mean alot. :)

my big job for the day is to book a few event spaces for viewing on monday, so i need to get to it. fun fun.

meanwhile howard stern blabbers on the radio.

going home

its 10 something.
poor jeramy is on another computer trying to pick a name for his "neopet" (
Charles has joined the challange, in these last few minutes before we leave.

Charles says "bunnie" and puts on his coat.
My neck hurts. i tweaked my site. still not happy, but thats the perfectionist in me.

you know, the bus is going to take FOREVER to come..
it BETTER not be raining out there. grrr.

i feel like some chocolate and a nice foot rub.

Hey Jeramy....SWEETIE!!!...