March 15th, 2001


im here stuck at the office and everyone is out..
that means i cant sneak out and get a slice of cheap pizza for lunch. mm, cheesy yummy spicy pizza. drool, drool.

i go through all my little tasks and now im taking a break before everyone gets back and things get crazy again. man, that pizza sounds sooo good though.

well, its one of those sunny beautiful days when you look out the window with envy at all those who dont have to be indoors. im so jealous. i wish i could run wild in central park today.

you know what sucks? Jeramy and I are never off on the same days. So, we wont ever be able to share a day like this together, unless i meet him for lunch, like i did last weekend.

terri, if you are reading this, call me please, about dinner. i should write a poem about terri and phones. haha

i hear the door. i must go!

late again

having to work late again.
im waiting for my boss to get together with me to finis up that client proposal.

i am in the mood for a banana popsicle. i have no idea why. its that yummy artificial banana flavor.

mmm i think its addictive like summers and sunburns.

charles says his heat is hurting
that cant be good