March 19th, 2001

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ok, my weekend was soo busy. We had a huge event saturday night. So, after getting home from work on firday at 11:30, I got up on saturday at 5:30 am to be in here by 8. I then worked all day until 7:30, took a three hour break, and then lifted heavy tables up two flights of stairs for 2 hours. I have a feeling all the jelly beans i knushed on during the day were burned in 5 secondds.

Yeah, so it was a loooong work weekend. AFterwards, we all returned to the club for free drinks on the house all night. There is a good feeling you get from working late on the weekends and then drinking yourself silly. Jeramy helped us out too, and drank. Unortunately for him, he had to be at work early on Sunday, whereas I got to sleep until 2. NEedless to say, the J was n a bad state last night, and crashed out with me before midnight.

Today has whizzed by, like the ideal monday should. FRank has been out with a REALLY important client and Charles is catching up on some merchandising he has been putting off. Mike just returned with some random steel pipes and a few "resident evil" looking steel breifcases...hmmm.

MM, brains...
AL LALALAL 2 more hours and lisa is free!!!
I need to get a hold of my friend John so i can move the project along. its frustrating not having as much time as i need to get everything done.

I feel like going out after work. I should bring my friend's numbers to work. They are all on the cell phone and i always forget to bring it.

In the relationship area, Phil is being ultra sweet with me. I think his motive is more business-sweet talk the company connection than actual attraction, but who knows.

I want to get another pet so Ifrit has a pal. I feel bad that hes home alone all day. Another cat? ugha. but it might be necessary. Im tire of him being pissed at me cause ive been gone all day.