March 23rd, 2001


we tried to pinpoint the point of distrust, and he coundt com eup with one, except to say that the city sorta scared him and he thinks his childhood makes him distrust me. I dont know...

I let it drop. for now.

Im going to make salty green beans tonight. Supposed to meet Wil and Hannah at Hannah's place before heading out to this party. We arent really sure where the party is, so I hope someone knows. Watch us wander the city like lamos. no, just kidding. I got my metrocard back from the intern so I can actually travel around again.

Im so happy for the weekend. It has been so ultra stressful. I think I hear Charles walking upstairs. Yup, there are the keys rattling.

Im gonna get outta here. its so rare that im free at 6.