April 3rd, 2001

ever have one of those days..

more like one of those weeks, when there are all these little signs about something or someone...
a song, a word someone says, a question, a sign with a certain color, and its all evidence toward this thing thats on your mind...

does this make sense? its hard to describe

i believe the world tells you in which direction you should be going. how many times has a gut decision saved yur ass? When did the world keep reminding you of someone until you called them?

lisa the abstract. thats all i can be.

i tried oil and vinear on my subway sandwich. its ok. from the way everyone described it to me, it should have been much better.

Everyone and their extended family is out today. 25 minutes at the bank. 15 minutes at subway.
snnt, shiny, happiness all over. and i have 3 1/2 hours to go. Sunny Day Real Estate needs to go...

i am the proud owner,,,

of a toshiba tecra 8000! woohhoo!
ok, it needs memory and i need to pay for it (i have a loan from my boss)

so, in light of that, i am going to open a PO box before the end of next week. I will be accepting donations. not because i am a money hungry freako, but because the kind of art i wanna do must be funded if it is to happen in a timely manner. i have already recieved much in terms of server space, tech assistance and general support. i will always be grateful. but the fact of the matter is, i am no longer with here and now and the funding that followed that. If a project is to come about, I need help.