April 19th, 2001

Drunk at Work

One of the perks of this job is the wine. It flows like water, for better or worse. Frank is a recovering alcoholic who is sorta slipping, with the stress of the event. So, Laura and I have been partaking. At this moment, Ive had 3 glasses and am pretty much sailing through all the small tasks that need to be taken care of.

did I introduce you to laura? ill have to snap a picture. Shes the designer i hired. we are all in hot debate on whether she is a lesbian or not. its hard to tell. i find her rather asexual. but perhaps she is. shes freaking out on this video. shes learnign final cut pro while tryig to get this video out for the client. its hilarious. only because she has a good attitude.

in the meantime, i should be running along to meet jeramy. i need a woman. im realizing that. im not sure what to do, and i feel stuck. i think the wine is effecting my judgement.