April 23rd, 2001

the looong weekend

ive been so swamped, ive not had time to update this thing properly. now that im living a real life and all ...har har

yeah, so the half a million dollar kids party went VERY well this weekend. My boss say "i cant deal" and starts drinking. So, i managed te whole thing. Coordinating the DJ with the MC and the cake with the speeches..and the caterer with the fire eater show..lighting, streaming video (yes, we used a hi-8 camera to stream the party on the large wall monitors at Twirl) craziness!
by 11 pm it was over and i was so tired i barely made it home. I have to admit this is much more intense than any here and now party ever was. And I though I was the event producer? HA!
I kick ass now.

Even more so in a week. I walk into work today to find out that Frank checked himself into rehab. He's an alki, poor thing. All unannouced and a surprise. Well, lets see...we have this event on thursday for the Puerto Rican Tourism asociation, a philips magnavox product launch next monday, tuesday and wednesday, a bat mitzvah on the 13th...
a window change at a store of ours this Friday...
Plus, we have a huge client meeting on Thursday with Aveda. None of this has been planned very well...So, guess whos going to save the business?

your truly. why do i always get stuck in this place?

its fun. im grabbing the bull by the horns.
wish me luck. :)