April 28th, 2001

sleepy lame girl

thats what i am today. i awoke at 9am. Showered, ate 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and promptly passed out again until 1:15pm. I promised myslef last night that I would be in the office working on my site by 12. Oh well. I finally got here at 3pm and immediatly got distracted by this street fair, outside on 8th ave. So, i just returned from that..and am finally ready to work this final hour before 6pm, when i must leave to help prep for the party tonight . I've gorged myself on greasy zepoli and i don't think i can move!
Thats right! i almost forgot!. I have to put up the poster i made for it. I think i still have it here somewhere :)

Im gonna get to work. see ya'll on monday!