May 1st, 2001

Ah, mornings...

The C train pulled up to the station stop this morning. I was happy because I wouldnt have to get off the A at 14th street to wait for the E. I waited patiently on my pole for the Broadway Nassau stop, where notoriously, half the train gets off and seats become availbable. Unfortunatley for me, only one seat because available. the inhabitant was a woman with a large ass. Fine, except, when she stood to leave, I could see a sweaty imprint of her boooty, with a large, wet line where the crack was breathing. Ugha. I took the seat, since I didnt really see the blemish until I was in mid squat. I tried not to think aboout her but-breath mingling with my tender thigh skin.

I was proud that I remembered to frequent CVS after leaving the subway. I obtained a 1500 ml water for the same price as the 20oz water I usually buy at the deli next to my work. From there, I headed to the bagel shop and purchased a small decaf. Well, I thought I purchased it. He handed the coffee to me, and I went to the small wall counter to adjust my bag and put the large water away so i could carry the coffee. the next thing I know is I'm opening the door to the office and I realize in horror that I had just walked outta there without relinquishing a dime. I think I need to go apologize later today. Whoops...

Im such a space cadet.


ok, if you all run to the video page and download them at once, it'll be slow as hell. but, go ahead and try:

in theory, you should go to, even though i still need to pay to have that lame ass add taken off.

how do i make the font in explorer look like the font in navigator ? The page in navigator is what i really want it to look like.

i gotta go home. tis late.
thank you wottrod for all your help!!!
i owe you!