May 4th, 2001

hot hot friday

im still waiting to hear on that apt.
i left messages on Joe's answering machine, so I hope he calls me back today!
I've also gotten mucho supportive feedback from everyone. I REALLY appreciate it. I hat eto ask for things, especially money, and it just made my day to see sch positive posts here and emails and everything.
but, lets wait until i know if i can scsore the place before i run and get a po box. god knows, i need money for other things, but this space is actually worth begging.

Joe better call me soon. im gettign antsy

on an employment note, im being set up for 2 interviews. One with a Japanese pharmecuiticals firm (dont mind the spelling) and another with a riskmanagmenet consulting firm . Administrative assitant placemeents again, but with actual ppotential for promotion, unlike this job. plus the pay is more and includes better benefits and vacation packages.

i brought my suit to work in a baggie, in case the Japanese company wants to interview today. i cant image how wrinked it will bein this heat, but i had to be prepared, just in case.

otherwise, im pluggin along, trying to find some appropriate spaces to take a client to next Tuesday.

mmm, weekend. ill be editing videos!

ok, so on this sony camera, theres an s-video out. and an a/v out. which one do i plug into the analog/digital converter?