May 7th, 2001


im so absorbed by my project thats its really hard to focus on work. im still waititng to hear on that apt. i heard more good news on Saturday. Apparently there is no lease on the place and the girl just has to check with her landlord, and if its all good, ill get the space before the landlord shows it to anyone else. im stoked. so, i just need to follow up with my friend joe tomorrow (not today so i dont seem hassling)

so, if the news is good, then ill go ahead and get that PO box.

i also might have some good news in terms of equipment. but that will only come through if i get this place on St. Marks, since I dont have cable or DSl service where i live in bum-boo brooklyn.

well, i need to focus. I have to make some appts with event spaces today, and then get editing on this client video so I can start working on mine!!

sItE NEws

new pics from the weekend to go up later tonight

also, the introduction of a chat room! sometime in the next few days :) maybe tonight...maybe not.

A new home for those that might be without one soon :)

Bad News

I gt word from Gary (the owner of Twirl) that we need to downsize. Frank is fabu visionary, but a terrible businessman, i guess, and there's no money (sound familiar?)
in any case, i have to release Laura and our newest hire, Pablo. Gary suggested freelance people.

So, im going to offer Laura a freelance graphic design position, and pablo part time until Michale leaves in June. We will need someone to replace Michael, so why completeely fire Pablo.

Me, on the other hand. ..well, my temp to perm is over on Friday. Theres not a hope of a raise. I have an interview tomorrow. I think Friday will be my last day here. :( that means i need to stay up late this week doing video editing, uploading pics..anything. maybe if i can get that chatroom going, i can drop in from the internet cafe. I will have 2 interviews this week, so I'm hoping one will come through. Otherwise, ill have to sell my other clarinet. Just when I thought things wre looking up. i HAVE to get that space on St. Marks. I will figure something out. something...