May 8th, 2001


I got the job at Kyowa Hakko Kogyo!!!

im soo happy. A little pay increase..actually alot, benefits without having to pay alot (5$ a week for optical, dental and health!) paid transportation. matching 2% 401 k, and a ton of holidays off (Columbus day..all those little ones)
im soooo stoked.

on the upside is all the afore mentioned things. on the down side is the sudden lack of access to my website upkeep. im hoping the pay increase will enough get me some equpiment, although, uploading stuff will be hard without a mac and a connection. The office there has pc's, and im not sure on the connection.

but, you know ill work through it!!!

not sure when i have to leave this job. i dont want to leave my designer stranded. Since i am leaving, maybe laura can keep her job. I'll have to let pablo go. its going to be hard.
im all twisted up!

but, i have a job. a stable, promotable job.,

for more info about the company, type kyowa hakko into yahoo. :)

oh yeah, i still need to get you all dirt about that sugafly party. i hope to stay up late for the next few days editing mad video. it tells more than words could say!! :)