May 9th, 2001


i made the announcements this morning about who was leaving :me and pablo. it came as a shock to charles and laura, as laura was expecting to be axed, after my initial anouncement of money issues and cutting on payroll. its left the office a very awkward place, as both Pablo and I are sorta outta the game. I do have this other job to fall back on, so im ok. Pablo sorta saw it coming too. I feel I made te best decision, though, even though Charles is unhappy. My job here has turned into Biz dev and client relations. Charles can handle that, especially considering the fact that RM designs is likely not to be around after the next 2-3 months. Why do they need me if its going to fail. Laura, the designer is more important to completing these last few events we have coming up over the next 2 weeks. So, although Im sure she knows shes going to have to go at some point, ive given her a sort of warning and time to get her life together instead of just letting her go today.

In a way, im relieved to be through with the stresses and presures of this place..the extra hours and such. Charles is great and ill miss him a lot. I think we are still friends, past this morning. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off to get things done, like closing and reopening bank accounts..scouting the new job area for stores, delis and gyms..and getting NYC drivers license, someething i have been unable to do, since the DMV hours coincide with work.

Sigh..everyone is depressed today.


in the process of editing my videos, i managed to delete the one im working on the RMD
whoops. 2 days of work.
at least 9.5 gigabytes are free for me to work with.

the J is coming over from work, since he doesnt want me walking by the projects by myself at 3am.
sweetie. he didnt call me from work, like he said he would though. i guess it all evens out.

my back itches. why? i need a good massage.