May 11th, 2001

content galore

i have uploaded many many videos to the server, which the wonderful wotty is converting for me. ill be putting them up in sets, over the course of the next days/ weeks.
as for uploading pics, ill just have to make quick kinkos runs.

ive added a yahoo club to temporarily/ permanently house all you homeless here and nowers, along with all my favorite people.

ill be adding it onto my site shortly, but for now:

you can post, chat, read the news (my favorite news) and check out web events i find slightly interesting.

we can use that chatroom, and also be test driving "the real one" tonight. just get back to me if my chat works, and we'll go with that and not yahoo. of, course, i need to link the real chat, so that will wait until later.

anyway, if yur in the here and now chat room, please let everyone know im here, and there's a place for them!! I hope to drop into the yahoo chat later and check up on things.

i have some errands i need to do for the company, and then ill be back in the office. its sorta nice to have the whole day to work on my project. i dont have to stay late. i wish i could just do this and not work..
i guess thats how we all feel about our hobbies/ obsessions...


im otoally wasted. the J is in a bad mood. im at the office.,
i have to tend to the rad cactus i bought. its a hanging wariety

too much white wine.
oh well.

the half king on 23nd st. tis a good place.