May 17th, 2001

sorry for the absence...

i started my new job yesterday:



all i can say is thats its going to be a challenge..and i do mean challenge. welcome to corporate america, lisagoddess. or more like, japanese-america. I am not allowed to even use the internet at all at work, which is why youhave not heard a peep out of me. i am unable to update the site, the journal, or the chapel.

so, i do apologize, and i will be doing some updating as i get the chance.

in any case, i am getting paid double and if i dont have an iq of 200 by the time this is over, ill be amazed. i cant believe how manytimes i have to photocopy forms and place them in the right binders. i cant belive how many forms i have to create in order to get a chemical shipped from Japan. its all so complicated. all the little details. i know that ill learn by doing, but unfortunately, i must do and learn fast, as the girl who is training me, is leaving in 3 days. so its like, she cant really focus on anything, and i haveto just sort of pray. on top of this, the other two sales people will be out all next week, so i have a few days of floundering, right in front of my new boss. i get to meet him tomorrow. he has been on business the last two days in cali.

i will get to do some travel with this job. they want me to help set up a conference in NEw Orleans in a few months, and i guess i get to go to NEw Jersey (whoopie!) to meet the pres of one of our biggest clients. in any case, i feel good cause i get off work at 5pm, and i just returned 150 bucks worth of clothing i thought i needed for work, but i dont.

im starving. i havesome week old beans and rice at home, so is think im going to heat that up and hope for the best. i have to get up at 6:30am every day now. so no partying for me, with an hour commute to get home. i cant wait to move to a more subway-accessable place.


i cant seem to get into chat..
it says that its looking for an identity, and then says it doesnt recognize me and that i should enter an ip address.

i think accessing it from the largest internet cafe in the US has something to do with it.

ill try to drop into chat after work tomorrow, but it'll have to be yahoo chat. hope to catch a few of you!! check the vids, below...