May 24th, 2001


tis almost the weekend! i cant wait.
im updating from work again...
i cant stay long, but its nice not having to go to the internet cafe. dont think i can stay to chat here tomorrow though. so, ill be in yahoo chat tomorrow.

my buddy dave is going to be in the poconos this weekend, but i cant go cause jeramy would be hurt. sucks, cause i want to go.

tight noose on lisa.

im going to go and visit frank at RMD on wednesday and hopefully, next weekend, ill be able to edit more video for the site. wouldnt that be nice?

im on my way home to my sleepy boy andcat (who over the passed week has started into puberty) yes, i wake up several times a night to the cat humping my let. and growling. its bizzarre.
he needs to be nuetered. we are aiming for next week. !! it smells now too. i hope he deosnt start to spray. event the neighbors are complaining. i hat ethe who apt smelling like cat. its so unclean and gross and and and..

at this moment im ringing the J to see what hes up to. ok, now im on hold. no good.

i gotta get outta here!