May 25th, 2001


i dropped by the yahoo chat around 6:30om est
im so sorry it laggs so terribly!

need faster service.
im off to spend the night drunk. lordy help me. having drinks with the girls at the office at 8:30 and then heading off to adams to drink more and hang out with mandy!! you all know mandy>? she was at the first here and now house, and i havnt seen her since then, cept for one little visit.

so thats fun. tomorrow its jets to brazil! im stoked oh yeah..

work was hellish, yet complicated today, but i got though it. and linda from hatco "gimme a break!" its my first friday! let me enjoy it.
what the hell am i talking about. i dont know.
i need to Friday! and then ill be more meaning ful and readable and all that stuff. ya know?
yes ok