May 30th, 2001

3 minutes till 9

ok, three minutes fo freedom before i have to start working.
in answer to randee's questions, the homelife is strange. jeramy is being extra sweet,and doing all those little things he should have before i broke up with him. i was happy to see that he went out last night. He called up adam and didnt come him euntil 5:30am. thats good, especially after the rant about having noone to talk to.

Hes taking it like a trooper, and i think we'll be ok as roomates until one of us decides to sleep around. YIkes.

I told him too, that if he got rid of the cat (like he was talking about) that i would never talk to him again. i think that insured a long life for the feline. what i do for that species!!

ok, i gots to go. see ya after work!
or at lunch, or something.

mmm, lunch

im having pretzels and cranberry juice for lunch. thats right, the lunch of champions. i need so save cash for the weekend. so whats better than trimming the figure and having money??

actually, there are other things to eat in the office, due to the generosity of the place, but with all the drama its too much to ask myself to be hungry too.

i just called chase and im turned down for a credit card. whaa! i wanted to transfer and consolidate balances and stuff, but oh well. i liked the high interest.

actually, im annoyed by lunch breaks. i get into the swing ofwork and feel like im accomplishing something, and then i have to stop for lunch,. id rather go hoem an hour early than stop for lunch. and just sorta snack all day.
i dont even take the two 10 minute breaks thats im alotted. (like, i can take a 10 minutes break at 4:00pm and only have to work 50 more minutes)

yo mamas a fiber drum of Isnonanoic acid!


"HAY-ON-WYE, Wales (Reuters) - Paul McCartney on Wednesday condemned John Lennon's killer as ``the jerk of all jerks'' as he burst into verse to honor the fellow Beatle he created so much magic with."

ok, this is silly and somehow doesnt seem to fit the situation.

man, hes the jerk of all jerks.
maybe its just me.. but id have fun--ckin, asshole and some other profanity in there..

new pics

heres from the other night when the j and i were still a thang and adam took us out for a french dinner. mm, salads in soho! there were discussing books, or something

i have more video footage but of course i cant edit that until i can get my hands on a laptop...

heres the little rose petal heart the J left me after we broke up:

poor thing :(