June 1st, 2001

lunch break

gosh, i dont know.
im just down. i need to watch the drinking tonight, cause i feel like just going crazy at this party im invited to tonight.

in the mean time, im swigging lots of water to prepare for the inevitable and enjoying a free french brie sandwich courtesy of the company. meeting days are good food days.

im sleepy.
i wanna get of work.
i wanna lean on an old friend.

the naps and everything else just arent happenin.
the corporate world can suck my ass

outta here!!!

im soo outta here!!
bo is supposed to call me about the party tonight, but i guess he forgot.

am i that forgettable? i CANT believe it!

im so irritable. im going to finish off the wine in the fridge. and cry.

maybe ill call bob back, but im so tired of calling other people. grrr