June 6th, 2001

no sleep for me!

I had full intention of trotting over to RMD lasat night to post pics, but after a call from Louisa with an invite to have a drink after work, i thought better of my productivity and decided to give in to drink. Between a skinny guy at the Telephone Bar buying me drinks and later Bob buying me drinks, i was a toasted kid. It was not until 6:30 am that I found myself in a car on my way back to the apartment. Here i was half drunk still, with no sleep and in need of a shower..with a bus to catch in an hour.

I scurried into my room, after short tipping the poor driver, who pretended not to be annoyed by the 6 quarters i gave him. Ah, MY room. It was like a sanctuary, with noone to bother me as i tossed off my bags, yesterdays clothes and hopped into the shower. Needless to say, I dragged my sorry boot-ay to work today. The first two hours were terrible, but after sobering up and taking more than my fair share of time to do menial tasks, i saw through the fog to lunch. And here i am enjoying my pizza and getting grease on my keys.

My friend shawn is getting back into town tonight, but i cant imagine ill have the energy to see him, so that will have to wait until tomrrow. Thursday is for happy hours anyway.
tis 1 o clock and it sback to the slavery for me! ;)