June 7th, 2001


i soooo crashed out last night. after 26 hours with no sleep, yur time is up! and to boot, the landlord forgot he was pickin up rent, so waited, woozily until almost 9pm (We were supposed to meet at 6:30) i sat there in front of the TV nodding off and i finally had to call him and beg him to come over soon, cause i was ready to die to sleep deprivation. so, thats the fun night i had. not sure if going to "take it easy" tonight or not. maybe i should. ive got a long weekend that will not include as much sleep as i should be getting, byt he FDA regualtions.

I splurged today and got salmon pasta and a salad. i feel so healthy. i guess sacrificing a little on food and less on alki is ok. im trying to save for the gym. to start swimming again. if i keep up my current life, im gonna get a beer gut..and we all know how sexy beer guts are on gals! (sometimes they are,,ok)
im madly typing because i have 3 minutes left from my lunch break.

im attempting to go by RMD tonight, again, to upload pics. im stoked to put up those semi-nudes...i have a few pics from tuesday night too. funny ones of my friend Louisa.

i have so much to tell, but the time is almost up, and some of it i think, should be saved til later anyway.

i forgot to pay my phone bill over lunch.
/me searches for her head.

There it is..under the desk!

new pics!

check out the new set under "narcissism"
i worked hard on these!!
im not quite happy with them, but close...

heres from Tuesday night, when i played instead of sleeping!!

this is lance. i dont know much about him except hes bob's friend. hes got some sort of tatoos on his neck, but by the time i was paying attention, it was all a blur anyways, much like the pic.

my bud louisa. we just met, but i think she rocks. she has lots to say, unlike say..the people at work...

i was drunk and opened the ladies room, and instead of plopping down, i made Louisa pose for a moment.

Yurs truly in a happy delerium...

join the club!!

ok, if you come here at least once a week, can you do me the honor of joining my little club??
oh please?

i tried to find it randomly on yahoo and i couldnt.

ill be real sweet...
(click on the link on the main page btw..the chapel i think it is..)