June 11th, 2001

the weekend

this weekend was all about being stood up and getting drunk. i did however meet a funny guy at Sweetwaters who knew as much about the Simpsons as I do. We went on a drunken walk about Williamsburg and i sorta got invited to 24 hours of David Lynch's Twin Peaks. I think however that he will proly not contact me, as most people in NYC seem to be full of shit when they say they are going to hang out. Oh well. I guess that means I should have taken his digits, but unfortunatley, I was drunk. Oh well.

My friend Ethan is moving into town. The J hates ethan..you rememebr him..that guy i sorta made out with on cam at the second oberlin house. we're buds now, thank goodness. there was a lot of wierdness there. Its kinda nice to have old friends moe into town, although Im sorta scared we're gonna end up like that hit sitcom, all college buds.

mmm, decaf coffee. so good.

so yeah., friday was bizarre. went to this picnic real late, cause it took me foreever to get my butt in gear. then i was hanging out, but everyone was so damn cliquish that I had to go. Ended up hanging with the J at Yaffa cafe, and we argued, and he complained he wasted his night, and I told him to chill. Saturday was David-Lynch boy night (i guess his name was Dominique). That was fun and drunk (i forgot how nice whiskey is) Sunday was pure recovery.

Unfortunately, last night I had a ton of bad dreams abotu nuclear war. I dreamed i could see the mushroom clouds getting closer and closer..almost fee the heat, and that circle, that spreads out when the bomb hits. oh, it was bad. im all woozy now and sort of wiggeed out.

I hope Dom emails me. I know he wont.

I need a nap already.


ok, today is the busiest day in the office. lots is going wrong. my boss yelled at me (then apologized a second later). im tired and cranky.
i wanna go out and walk around, but i dont have the funds to really have a reason to go and walk around. i was supposed to meet this girl, but i dont know whats up because i left my cell phone at home. it hasnt been working correctly lately anyways. doesnt take calls, and then i get the voicemail hours later. maybe ill just walk to central park and back, and think.

did i mention my chicago boss will be in today? 2 bosses at once. plus i have lots to do this afternoon. so, between chatting and all and working, ill proly behere late too.

better mood

man, i was cranky earlier. i re-read my posts.
im being taken out to dinner by the bosses. yay! i love companies. i think we are going to some irish pub nearby.
i deserve it. i put up with a 2.5 hour meeting today. yeah yeah.
all about resins and coatings and sales and big smiles for customers.
ok, im outtee.
kiss kiss