June 14th, 2001


oo oo oo
almost the weekend! im setting my plans, or trying too. looks like ill finally be able to hang out with my old friend shawn on saturday. hes taking off for Vermont on Sunday, so if he stands me up this time, im SERIOUSLY going to have his balls when he comes back to NYC to finish school in the fall. Its funny. We started school together at Oberlin at the same time. In fact, we were at the same audition weekend the spring of our senior years in high school. So, we go pretty far back. But yeah, we started at the same time. I graduated in 1999, and he still has one more year of school to go! He transfered to Juliard my sophomore year and had to start all the way over, since a lot of his Oberlin credits were unacceptable by Juliard standards (you know how chemistry 101 fits into the music curriculum and all..) to make a long story shorter, im stoked not to STILL be in school. i mean, i still am trying to go back for my masters, but im not in school and facing a summer of working in a summer school music camp kitchen, cooking food for hundred of socially inhibited classical musicians (thats what he gets to do!)

in other news..
i talked to miss A from atlanta at length last night. its good to make new friends. shes a facinating chicky. we missed each other for lunch the other day, due to my lack of rememberance of my cell phone, but i definateyl look forward to taking her out to lunch when she comes back in august. she called during this cheesy horror flick on the Independant film channel: "The Hills Have Eyes" directed by Wes Craven. I love his gross shot of the mutilated german shepard. stuff like that keeps the weight off. haha. i turned off all the lights and watched keenly until she called, of course. i need to see more horror flicks, i think.

Mr D (aka, the boy) called again, and i missed him by 30 seconds. grrr. I had JUST run out for a sandwich. So annoying! He did get my emails though, so he knows im not being a jerk, or something. If only he would leave his phone number, i could call him back and all this drama would go away! Is it drama? maybe not. maybe i need a little spice and interest in my life. Intruige. oh yes.

Im gonna grab some lunch

goin out

im waiting for the girls in biochem to get done with their orders so we can go out. i had my first order in 2 days about 15 minutes before 5. lame. poor jiro (my boss) hes trying to get sales up and hes sooo stressed. i guess its good not to be in control for a while. leave the biz dev to someone else.

ah, moving little pieces of paper around. how fun can it be? let me tell you!

anyways, we are going to a bar/restaurant called Lolas. (lets not all start singing at once)
is it good? ill tell you tomorrow.