June 20th, 2001


congrats to ezzy on his new job!!
theres a guy on the phone who is claiming to work for us. i guess he got robbed and hes trying to have someone confirm his identity. why would you try to get a small office to confirm that?
ooo..ok,. i guess this guy, louis parker got robbed in mexico andwanted us to transfer him a litle money so he could get to mexico city and back to the embassy. hmmm fishy. in any case, he hung up on angela, my co-worker. dumb ass.

what should i do tonight? im bored. i should go jogging, or something. adam is out of town. louisa is busy. i ALWAYS call bob. shawn is in vermont. Laura is going back home. BORED!
cant take picttures camera= full
oh! updated computer arrival!
new mac will be delivered to my office next week, tuesday or wed...
so ill take it home then. i also bought a zip drive. so, what ill have to do is, take pix/ video, edit it, and then copy onto a zip.
upload it at kinkos. so, all the stuff will be one day late, but i guess thats ok, if its updated every day, like it will be.
man, i wish i could get DSL!! the kinkos bills are going to be more that the BEST DSL!!

ihave to pee.
this ends this transmission