June 21st, 2001

oh yeah

if anyone tells you to relive your teenage years with a bottle of strawberry banana MD 20/20, on a wednesday night (And you have to go to work the next day) they are completely full of shit. Granted I had that, plus 2-3 glasses of wine and a third of a large styrofoam beer. crashed out at 4:30am. Woke up thirsty, cranky, and ready for the day to be over so i can sleep.
except i cant, cause im going with laura to check out an apartment in williamsburg and the go out for drinks. i also have to stay a little late and finish up notes for Cynthia, who will be here taking care of my accounts while im away on business next week. Did I mention that? ill be in New Orleans from this Saturday to Wednesday? i think i did. in any case, i have to be sure that all my stuff is ok when im gone. so all po's to japan have to be placed today, all the notes are written, all the current arders are in the tickler. its going to be a long journey. I am SOO into the destination on this one, no matter what the goody two shoes say.

I have lots more to tell about last night, but im going to hold off until lunch.
ah, the suspense.

sandwich of champions

for 2.98$ i can get a longish provolone grilled cheese sandwich, topped with fries, mayo, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and vinegar. mmm
all mashed flat and grilled. its the best. mm mm mm

as promised,the continuation.

i cant remember the video came im into right now. Bob has it. I call him Nagasaki, but its something else. an RPG samurai/save the princess game for the PS2. so im drinking and playing and its like reverse roles. remember at here and now when we used to sit around the warm hearth of resident evil, and erik or dave would play? well, it was all about me kickin ass, and Bob and his crazy roommate christoph joining in. totally fun. but as the night progressed, i got more drunk and restless. i wasnt going to go out to the Turkey's Nest, but its hard for me to say no when im having a good time. so we go there and bobs a sweetie and gets me the 3$ HUGE styrofome beer, and i get a third of the way through and this lame guy knocks it off the table. luckily, i wasnt sitting down, but getting my ass kicked at pool. so the guy complains about buying another beer for me and gets all prissy when i ask if he could get me a straw (See, i drink those big huge beers with a straw cause the top is so big, and i can also tell it from all the other huge beers sitting around.) but yeah, he's like "im not getting you ny straw...i mean..i bought you a beer." im thinking ..well, you knocked over my beer, like a drunk fool. no, maybe thats what bob was saying and i agreed with. in any case, he nnoyed me immensly and at that time, i knew it was time for an adventure.
Bob had the perfect idea...breaking into this abandoned pool. i know it may not sound like a very fun thing to do, but believe me...it was. we tried scaling the fence until bob says "there must be a way for lazy fat boy to get in!" so we trek around and find this hold in the fence. score!! crawl through and push through the branches that lightly covered the path..and behold (at this pooint, i must digress. my receptionist is talking with me about my trip and my old coworker. im an as, but i hate it when im concentrating on something, and someone keeps interupting and its OBVIOUS imbusy! anyways)
the POOL !! two of them, actually. one is huge...like 2 football fields and bob says it was 3 feet deep. im thinking 4, but whatever. huge, with two foundtains. the diving pool was eerily deep with long grass growing from the bottom. an old diving board loomed menacingly and rusted, peeking over the edge...(wont she shut up? i dont care about the mets im TYPING!! shut up!!..im making listning noises)we walked all around and then up into the locker room/ check in building that looked more like an old red brick concentration camp ruins. there were even matresses up there where we couldnt decide if bums crashed or teens lost their virginity. we decided not to think about it too much.
kinda creepy,but way cool. finally, i needed to leave. if i didnt get at least 2 hours of sleep, today would absolutely suck and im supposed to be awake fora date tonight (the D hasnt talked to me for a while, so..ive got crossed fingers)..

we ran out of there and bob danced after a bus to flag it down for me and hopped of and skidded off into the night.
i love adventures. if only there were more of them, and fewer nights drinking. i love to explore and all my bestest friends and i have always had this itch to do minor mistemenor exploring for the sake of fun. i have to say bob is great. he says hes moving to Detroit and that makes me sorta sad. he doesnt know it, but i think that without him, i would have had a horrible time after my break up. ive been such a mess trying to find myself again after being in a codependent relationship for almost a year. he takes me out, plays with me late at night (NOT LIKE THAT..get yur heads out of your asses!), and has introduced me to a few people so i dont feel quite so alone in the city without a boyfriend. i mean i know i had that little bit of drama with him earlier, but all in all, i owe him one. ive been lucky in this city to find people to pull me through: terri and stacy with a place to crash, and bob with the "getting on with life thing". im pretty lucky. im pretty grateful.