June 22nd, 2001


ive not heard from the D. we were sorta supposed to hook up last night, but that was not really in stone. tonight, though..if he doesnt call me. oh, this little crush is so over!

Gail and I carried it down the street last night, in the rain, and managed to score a cab. Dragged in in my apartment..set it up, and all i can say is that im in LOVE!!

unfortunately, i didnt ralize amazon.com was going to send my zip drive UPS ground (they have always sent stuff to me before priority mail) so..
im not going to be home to sign for it, and then its going to be FOREVER before i get it. ah, delays as always. BUT i did get tdo rip the pics off the cam and now i can take more. im stoked.
in love. ima geek!