June 24th, 2001

IFT conference

made it to new orleans late last night, after having my flight delayed for 4 hours in NEwark NJ. Ugha. that airport is boring as hell. im at the convention center in New Orleans (of ALL places!!) and freezing by butt off in the air conditioning. ill be here until thursday, so my entries are going to be sparatic. i only am here today cause i randomly found some computers in the building.

i went to this speaking thing this morning, and the acutal expo (lisa needs to be at the booth) is at 12:00 noon. unfortunately, by bosses ran off, and i have NO idea where they are or where the booth is!! so, i guess im going to go back to my hotel room and snooze and when they call, (i left him a message) ill tell them i was searching for my sweater (which i intend to go back and do anyways)
how organized this all is!

anyways, i hung out with noelle last night. she is looking FINE. i took pics, of course., i have my camera with me.
i gots to go. my limit on internet time is up.